Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wednesday's Fun

After three years, we had to buy a new pool. The kids had to check it out today. It started with just simple fun.
Then Lincoln got brave and started cannon balling off the slide. I told him I was not taking him to the hospital if he got hurt.

So then he grabbed the bucket and said "Now I have a helmet and will be safe." Then he jumped again. He seriously has no fear of jumping and water unless he is in a bigger pool.

In Rockland, they make a huge deal out of Kindergarten graduation. So today Avalee got a card from her grandma. This is her expression when she found a couple of $1 in the mail today. Dollars are pretty cool to a six-year old. We are proud of Avalee for making it through Kindergarten.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Week of Avalee

The last week of school has been busy with one Kindergartener. I can't imagine what two kids in high school will be like.

This week Avalee got invited to an awards ceremony for her elementary. When we got there I started looking through the program and saw that she had earned two awards. The music award which was picked out of 100 kindergarteners and the Merit Award which was picked out of her class of 21. We are proud of her.

Avalee after she received her music award.
Avalee with her certificates and medals.
The next day we were off to the classroom music program. This is a fun picture they were suppose to do clap, clap, hit, hit. Her partner took a couple of times to get the rhythm so in the meantime, this picture looks like she is trying to push him over.
We also got to go the on a field trip to the zoo and Planet Kids. The Boise Zoo is not very exciting compared to the other zoos we will see this year. Little brothers are not suppose to go on field trips but Avalee's teacher always says just drive and come. The other teachers will never know that Lincoln is not in Kindergarten.
Posing on a tiger at the zoo.
The kids had a blast at Planet Kids. There were sixty kids and enough room for all of them. They were very tired after we left. This is definitely a place we will go back and visit. Lincoln is standing up in the orange shirt. Avalee is in the pink shirt in the balls.
This is a picture of Lincoln in the many tunnels. It was hard to take picture because the kids were moving so fast.