Thursday, August 18, 2005

Bad Luck Thursday!

What a Thursday! This morning I discovered I had lost my diamond earing. I found the back in the bed but could not find the earring. I thought for sure that it had gone done the shower drain. I didn't have time to investigate so I ran to my visiting teaching appointment. I then took the kids to the grocery store. Before we entered the grocery store, I went to pick up the formula spinner to discover I had not put the lid on tight and some of the formula had spilled in the car. When we got into the grocery store, they were out of car shopping carts so Avalee had to walk. The grocery store we go to is bigger than a Cosco. After a while Avalee got tired so I showed her how to sit underneath the cart. Everything was going good until I heard her start yelling "gross Lincoln". I turned around to find that Lincoln had puked in her hair. I managed to calm her down and get out of the store. Needless to say, we got home and got everyone settled and I found the diamond earring I thought I had lost. The day has gotten better since then. Thank goodness!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sunday Dinner. Both kids ate in the nude. I am tired of laundry! Posted by Picasa

Nathan's birthday! Avalee was so excited to have a party she could hardly contain herself all day. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln has three bruises on his head. This week he learned how to pull himself up and walk across the furniture. It took him two days and three bruises to figure out that he could not noise dive from a standing position. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln's raincoat is still a little big but does its job. Posted by Picasa

Avalee dressed up to go out in the rain. She won't let anyone help her get dressed anymore and sometimes her outfits are wild. Notice the hat she has under the rain coat. In this picture, Avalee is trying to get Lincoln to look up at the camera and smile. She is saying, "Lincoln, smile!" Posted by Picasa

Lincoln pulled the mattress over on him and thought it was pretty funny that he figured out how to get out from under it. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln figured out how to get under the table but couldn't figure out how to get back out. Posted by Picasa