Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Avalee's Birthday!

Pictures of Avalee's birthday will come soon. I am so glad she was born on the 27th and not the 26th. It seems like it has been one party after another.

Avalee and Lincoln taking a break the day after Christmas. Posted by Picasa

Next to Lincoln's monkey pillow, the animal crackers in his stocking became a popular item. He sat away from the Christmas mess and ate them all gone. Posted by Picasa

Unwrapping presents! Posted by Picasa

Avalee was very happy with her new "My Little Pony". Actually she got three of them. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln did quit know what to do with all the choices in front of him. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I did it!

My accomplishment of the year...I successfully completed six credits of accounting classes.

It was much easier to go to school before I had a husband and two kids. Now let's hope I can get through the next 12 credits before the end of 2006.

Monday, December 12, 2005

It is absolutely impossible to get both kids to look at the camera and smile for a picture. I was holding them both down just to get this picture. Posted by Picasa

This is Avalee watching for Santa Claus to come to the Ward Christmas party. She wouldn't go anywhere near Santa but she was sure excited that he came. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln can often be found sitting on the closet reading books. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln dressed up to play in the snow. If he falls down, he can't get back up. Posted by Picasa

Nathan and the kids had so much fun playing with their "car". The kids giggled and giggled. Nathan woke up the next morning with rug burns on his knees from pushing them around so much. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Avalee and Lincoln stories!

His Grandma Brady showed him how to knock on doors. He knocks on any closed door. Tonite Avalee closed all the doors in the house and hid in the closet. Lincoln went and knocked and knocked on our bedroom door and Avalee popped out of the hall closet door. Lincoln giggled and giggled.

Lincoln only likes to sleep when Avalee is in the room with him. If she is making too much noise, he covers his head with the blanket and goes to sleep.

Lincoln has a love to climb upstairs and fall down them.

Avalee is never just hungry. Instead she looks at me with sad eyes and says, "I starvin, hungry mom." You would think that I never give her food.

During the middle of the night when Lincoln cries out, Avalee will say "Lincoln, you OK." Lincoln immediately is quite. If Lincoln wakes up too early in the morning, Avalee will say, "Lincoln, sleep." During naptime, Avalee and Lincoln will giggle and taking during yelling for hours. Sometimes naptime turns into a three or four hour ordeal, two hours worth of playing and two hours worth of sleep.

Avalee is becoming a good big sister and tries to entertain Lincoln. Tonite while we were stuck in traffic, she tried everything to make him quit crying.

!Virginia's First Snow Storm!

It is very uncommon for the state of Virginia to get snow before January. I am thrilled because it makes it feel more like Christmas.

The snow started yesterday during the kids naptime. Avalee woke up and looked out the window and said, "I need my clothes. I need three sleds. I make a snowman." So I bundle the kids up and we went outside and played for about 30 minutes. The kids had a blast.

This morning I decided to be nice and take Nathan to metro. Nathan took Lincoln out and started brushing to snow off the car. Lincoln giggled at the snow coming off the car. Avalee and I came up the stairs next and I had my hands full of lots of items that need to be put in the car and was holding Avalee's hand. When we got to the sidewalk, she let go of my hand and started to walk. Immediately she fell hard on the ice. I grabbed her hand, picked her up, and made her walk again. She was screaming about her arm and hands hurting. About 15 feet from where she fell, she stopped and yelled, "my boot". I looked down at her foot and she had one bare foot. Her boot had fallen off and I hadn't even realized it because I had so much stuff in my hands. I went back and got her boot and got it on her foot and got her in the car. She cried for a while but when we got to the Metro she told Nathan, "Watch out snow. No get hurt."

She will no longer wear her snow boots because they are "too slick!" This could be a long winter.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Voting Disappointment!

Today I took the kids to vote. After we were done, Avalee was quite dissapointed. She thought that we were going to ride on a "boat". She is still asking to ride on the boat. I guess it is just too much for an almost three year old to understand.

Almost three years, no poop!

I had been through almost three years without Avalee or Lincoln pooping in the bathtub until last night. Lincoln stood up, squatted down and pooped in the tub. Then he laughed. I immediately got Avalee out and she kept saying "Lincoln pooped in the tub." I fished the poop out, drained the water, and started over again. Avalee and Nathan thought it was hilarious.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! You will see that I have put a lot of pictures out on my blog but after a ten-year period of holidays being just average. It has been so much fun to see Avalee be so excited. Today, we took the kids to Nathan's Halloween party, walked down the streets of DC (I know a free secret parking spot but I have to walk a ways to get to Nathan's work), and then took the kids trick-or-treating. They had a blast! Avalee got the concept of "knock, knock, trick-or-treat, thank you" but she was more interested in staying in a pack with the other kids than actually getting candy. Both kids are exhausted and have colds after so much fun, I think we will have a "take-a-break party" tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

The Dupont Circle fountain. Posted by Picasa

As we walked through Dupont Circle in DC, Avalee wanted to sit down and be like everyone else. For of those of you that have never seen Dupont Circle, people sit around and talk and play chess and look at the fountain. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln loved to play with this helium balloon. He just couldn't figure out how to keep it on the floor! Posted by Picasa

Avalee's Cake! Avalee gets so excited when we got to parties and she expects there to be a cake. Good thing there was cupcakes. Posted by Picasa

Avalee and Lincoln were fascinated by the decorations and everyone dressed up. Posted by Picasa

The bride of Frankenstein ready to go to "Daddy's Party!" Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Lincoln, the Witch!

Oh how I wish I could have got my camera a little faster!

Tonite Lincoln came riding the broom out of the kitchen into the living room. It was so funny to see him straddling the broom while walking and laughing. He made it about 20 feet before he lost his balance and fell over.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

On the 25 minute trip from one party to the next, Avalee insisted on holding her bag of candy. She found these two lollipops and unwrapped and licked them. She then kept saying "Christian, Roland" over and over. We just thought she was naming who she was going to see. As she went into the grandparent's house, she went and gave one lollipop to her Uncle Christian and the other to her Uncle Roland. We have been trying to teach her to give gifts to other people but I guess we need to teach her about not recycling gifts.

Halloween 2005 pictures

Frankenstein and his bride taking a break between the two Halloween parties they went to today.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sayings of the Week!

"Holy Cow! Lincoln stinky poop!" This came out of Avalee's mouth as we drove past a truck that was letting off serious exhaust.

"Naked bum, silly Lincoln." Avalee said this as Lincoln walked down the hall after getting out of the bathtub. Nathan let him get away without a towel because it is pretty cute to watch him walk.

"Lincoln's sign langauge." Nathan tried to teach Lincoln that he was a monkey and showed Lincoln how to hit his chest like a gorilla does. Lincoln now does the signal whenever we talk about daddy or when it starts to get dark at night Lincoln will stand by the door and do the monkey sign. I guess Lincoln thinks that is the sign for daddy, even though Lincoln says "da, da" to Nathan.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Service of Others!

After picking Avalee up from playing with Benjamin (her favorite boy buddy), I took the kids to Old Navy to try and find Lincoln some pants. When we got in the parking lot, I got the kids out and noticed that I had left Avalee's window down. I got back in the car and put my key in the ignition and it wouldn't turn. I pulled it out and saw that it was slightly bent. I put the key against my leg to straighten it and it popped right in half. At that moment, I did not have a clue what to do.

We were about five miles from home so I couldn't walk. I couldn't think of anybody I knew that had room for two more car seats because of their own kid's car seats. I knew that it would take Nathan at least 1 1/2 hours to get to us by metro and bus with a copy of the key. So I took the kids in Old Navy and called Nathan. We decided that I should try to see if I could find someone to help me before Nathan tried to come get me. I called Alicia, my visiting teacher, and we brainstormed. Alicia came up with a person that might have room in her car to help me.

As I hung up the phone, four other mothers surrounded me and asked how they could help. They conversed amongst themselves and Diana decided that should had two hours to kill and would rather help me than spend more money. Diana was heaven sent. She took me home to get the title to our car and then we went to the Honda dealership to get a new key. She then took us back to the car. The new key worked!

Through the entire process, Avalee was so excited to ride in a van that had a hexy doo (aka scooby doo) magazine and Lincoln only cried towards the end because he was hungry and tired. I couldn't believe they were so good.

Diana took two hours out of her day to help us. I have never been so thankful. I know I was blessed because I have been trying to serve other even though some days I don't feel like I have enough time to sit down.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Lincoln is on to new adventures. Posted by Picasa

Eating chips! Posted by Picasa

Lincoln's Birthday!

Lincoln and all the fun!

Lincoln was so happy on the day of his birthday.

I didn't waste my time making a fancy cake. I knew Lincoln would just destroy it.

One night when Avalee choose to sleep in her big girl bed. She woke up looking like the Jolly Green Giant. The next day I put everything up high that could create a mess in the middle of the night. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Family Updates!

Has only peed on the floor once while being potty trained. Number 2 is a different story.
Loves to crawl after Lincoln and say “I got you”. Then Lincoln giggles and takes off again.
Loves to watch the “princess in the swimming pool” aka the Little Mermaid.
Loves to go to Preschool on Monday and expects a peanie butter sandwich and chips to be in her lunch.
While playing a game of chase with her friend Kylie, Kylie tackled Avalee and caused her to face plant. Avalee cried a little but mostly didn’t know what to think of the situation.
Weighs 28 pounds.

Teeth overachiever: Lincoln has three molars which is not common for his
Will take six to eight step by himself before he falls down.
Is eating the same thing everyone else is (expect peanut butter).
Loves to go for car rides in DC because he can see so much out of the window now that he gets to face forward in his car seat.
Is into everything.
Loves to climb stairs.
Weighs 23 pounds.

Nathan and JoAnn
Have both suffered from a bad stomach flu this week.
Are tired at the end of day from work and kids.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Besides Avalee, Lincoln's thumb is his second favorite thing. Posted by Picasa