Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Vending Machine

Yesterday I got my allergy shot. I normally go by myself but yesterday I had the kids with me. After the shot, I have to wait for 15 minutes so we sat down by the vending machine. Two funny things happened.

First, Lincoln looked at me and asked "Do you have a dollar and a string?" I asked "Why do you want a string?" Lincoln said, "I can tie the string to the dollar and then get all the candy out of the machine?" I asked "Where did you see that". Lincoln replied "Spongebob did it and got all the candy." Avalee said "Lincoln everything you see on Spongebob isn't real." We then had a conversation about what is real on Spongebob and what isn't. Then we talked about stealing.

Second, Avalee created a game. She would pick two items in the machine and Lincoln would have to tell her how much he would need for both items. Lincoln would take about five second look up in his head and say $1.45 and such. This went on for about five minutes then Lincoln told Avalee it was his turn. Lincoln choose a soda that was $0.60 and a candy bar that was $0.60. Avalee looked at her fingers, looked at Lincoln, and looked at me and said, "I don't know the answer. I think Lincoln might be smarter than me."

Overall, it was the most entertainment I have had in a while at the allergy shot clinic and the fifteen minutes went quickly.