Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween Events

Lincoln came home from trick-or-treating and put all his candy one piece at a time on the chair. We went to ten houses and the kids got quite a bit. I guess you can say I knew which people in Rockland would be excited to see my kids on Halloween.

Avalee and Lincoln in their costumes.
Lincoln and his pumpkin. He scribbled all over the face and then had Avalee help him draw a face. Lincoln also has a terrible cold so no smiles were present.

Avalee and her pumpkin. She drew the face.

Avalee and Lincoln decorating cupcakes at Avalee's preschool. Avalee made a special effort to ask her teacher if Lincoln could decorate a cupcake and sit by her.

Avalee's preschool group getting ready to sing "The Five Pumpkins". Avalee knew all the words.