Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Avalee's Surgery

Avalee's surgery went really well. Her tonsil were infected as suspected and the doctor thinks she will have a much better life without them.

We did have to stay at the surgery center an extra hour because Avalee threw up 10 minutes after she woke up. They got medicine in her fast to stop this. She also threw up on the way home which I was prepared for in the car by myself. She came home and has had three scoops of ice cream and a half of yogurt.

Avalee has been very pleasant and is being very faithful at drinking lots of water.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Fun--Secret Wish

I secretly hope our summer fun in Idaho is not over. There are a couple of fun things I would like to take the kids to at the library, the fair, and a stake activity. Let's hope that Avalee recovers quickly so we can have more fun before our summer in Idaho ends. Stay tuned for more updates in the next month.

Summer Fun--With Dad at Lunch

Avalee wanted to meet Nathan for lunch and feed the ducks. The kids did not expect the ducks to be so large in number or so aggressive. One actually nipped at Lincoln. So we the kids watching Nathan feed the ducks. These ducks were not scared of anything and would not wait for you to throw the bread they would just attack you.

This is my favorite pictures because Avalee is screaming. Mom unlock the door so we can get in. The duck just kept getting closer and closer to her.

Summer Fun-At Settler's Park

This park is amazing. I don't know we have never been there. The kids had a great time and we will go make a couple of times next year because it is free. The pictures below are the things you can do there...play musical instruments, play in the water, climb the rocks, and other things.

Summer Fun--In the Backyard

Avalee got to make a wish list of things to she wanted to do before her summer in Idaho ends on Tuesday. We have done swimming lessons, been to parks, visited the library, had friends over, played with friends, and many other things. I did not get a picture of everything but we have been busy and fulfilled her wish list.

This is a picture of backyard fun. The kids actually understand how to slide this summer.