Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lincoln's Accomplishment

Lincoln reached a great milestone in his life today.

Last week we took Lincoln to the new Tyson's Mall playground. It has a fun tree slide. Lincoln would crawl up the stairs and jump or dive onto the slide. Needless to say, he got hurt a couple of times.

Today, we went to the mall. Lincoln ran right over to the slide crawled up the stairs and turned around and went down on his belly. Right before his face disappeared, I saw a smile of accomplishment. He was so proud!

Now I just have to get him to realize he has to run around and climb back up the stairs to go down again. He tries to be like the big kids and climb back up the slide.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lincoln is too smart!

Lincoln and Avalee seem to play in the afternoons instead of taking naps. I put them both in their beds and left. After awhile, I heard Avalee yelling "Lincoln, give my sippy cup back." The only way he could have gotten it was if she had thrown it into his bed. I just ignored her and it got quiet. About an hour later, Lincoln woke up screaming. I went in to the room to find a fun project awaiting.

Lincoln has a horrible diaper rash. To ease the pain he had taken his pants and diaper off. Then he had drank the sippy cup full of water and peed everywhere. Avalee has always been one to take her clothes off but I don't remember her starting at 15 months.