Saturday, October 01, 2011


Our doctor no longer calls Riggins by his name instead she calls him "trouble." Riggins was born three and half week early. He spent his time in the NICU and came home perfectly healthy but he has all these small random things wrong. I am going to list them so I remember this someday.

  • He has had his belly button zinc oxided four times for a portion that is smaller than a pencil eraser that didn't fall off. Normally it goes away after one try, two at the most. Riggins is not so lucky. If it doesn't go away this time, they are going to have to surgically remove it next week.
  • He has developed acid reflux and is now on pepcid and a gas-reducing formula. This is not a surprise for me, and we are thankful that he is not as bad as Lincoln was.
  • He has had thrush in his mouth for two weeks. They finally painted him purple yesterday. I left the doctor's office with Riggins naked because I didn't want to stain his clothes. Good thing it was 91 degrees.
  • He has had a yeast infection in his diaper area. I finally got this go to away with a prescription ointment.
  • He has hydroseal. I am not going to explain this but it seems to be a Wood trait.
  • Since he was in the NICU, he had to have another PKU. Why I don't know but man it made him mad.
So as I said nothing major but I have been at the doctor's office every week since this child was born. Good thing the doctor and I know each other well and can joke about it.