Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Our "Fear Factor"

Last night we tried a new recipe of spaghetti noodles in an olive oil sauce. Lincoln hated it. We told him he could only have his dessert of strawberry shortcake if he ate two bites of his noodles. Lincoln absolutely loves strawberries. So with pure determination Lincoln tried to eat two bites of noodles but he kept almost gagging trying to get them down. We finally let him give it up do to valiant effort and let him have dessert.

Lincoln would not do good on Fear Factor and the food portion.

Ready, Set, Go!

The kids are no longer allowed to have treats until after the sacrament on Sunday. I told Lincoln he could have a treat after all the men walked back to the front of the church. The men were all standing there waiting so he looked right at them and yelled, "Ready, Set, Go!" Due to the quietness of church, Lincoln got a lot of laughs.