Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Airplanes and Rocketships

Today the kids and ventured to Boise to do errands. One errand was right across from Nathan's work. Nathan was too busy for us to stop by for a visit. After I had explained this, Lincoln asked "Daddy works everyday?"

I explained Nathan works to give us food, clothes, and a house.

Lincoln then said, "I have an idea. I make airplanes and rocketship and make lots of money for daddy."

I said, "That would be nice and then daddy could stay home with us."

Lincoln said, "No mommy the money is only for daddy not you."

Lincoln has a very active imagination and a good vocabulary for a two year. If only he could turn his obsession with airplanes and rocket ships into money for us.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our new grass

We have a huge yard. This is just a small portion. Last year we had thistles and weeds that got taller than I am and we took a thousand pounds of weeds to the dump. So this year we finished putting in the sprinkler system and planted grass seed. It took a lot of manual labor and we still have 40 garbage bags of black tarp, wood chips, and weeds that we are slowly putting to the curb.

The last picture is of the new grass that is now growing. It is so exciting to see green grass instead of thistles. We still have another patch of weeds that we need to tackle but that will be June's project.


We went to the Boise Zoo for the final day of Avalee's preschool. Avalee was having terrible allergies problems and did not enjoy it to her fullest but we still had fun.
The animals are so sad at the Boise Zoo that I could only handle to take pictures of the kids playing. I don't think any zoo will top National Zoo in DC.