Monday, January 02, 2006

Stories of Lincoln!

Lincoln went to the doctor today for his 15th month check-up. He weighed 25 lbs. 12 oz. and was 31" tall. This was the best doctor's visit we have ever had with Lincoln. Until this point in Lincoln's life, the last words the doctor would say was "he will grow out of it". I would think you are not the one that is covered in spit up all day long and cleaning the carpet. This time the last words the doctor said was "your kids are perfectly healthly". You don't know how happy this made me!

Lincoln's favorite word is "this". But when you ask him to get something, he will find bring you what you asked for. If you ask him if he has stinky poop, he goes and stands by the diapers and wipes and waits for you to come help him. If he is only letting wind, he just goes on with what he is doing.

We bought Lincoln new shoes on Saturday. Sunday I put them on him and he giggled. He then went and found his old shoes and carried them around until we left the house. I think he was going through withdrawal.

Stories of Avalee!

On Sunday, Avalee became a Sunbeam. Although she loved Nursery she isn't too fond of being a Sunbeam and being with all the older kids. Nathan and Lincoln had to stay with her for a while. Everytime they would choose her name to do something. She would go to the front just shaking and scared. When they sang "Happy Birthday" to her, she hid behind her hands (I was able to witness this because my primary class joined them). Lincoln, on the other hand, loved Primary. It was the best he has ever been in church and he was shaking and moving his arms with the songs.

Last week, Avalee jumped out of her crib, opened the door, and came running. She got dark circles under her eyes because of it. We are going to try her in a real bed again. Previous tries have left her crying in her room because the monsters were going to get her. The next day, Lincoln hit her head on and caused her noses to swell. Although you couldn't tell because she has inherited her Aunt Jeana's nose. Lincoln walked away with a small bruise on his cheek.

"Crunchy" and "oh, yuck" are not words you often hear when watching a football game. These are words Avalee uses to describe a football game. "Crunchy" is the tackle and "oh, yuck" is how the players look when they have grass stains all over them.

A couple of days after Avalee's birthday. Avalee wanted to dress Lincoln up in the mermaid dress but he would have nothing of it. So he become the prince in Avalee's dress up world. Posted by Picasa

Avalee all dressed up! Posted by Picasa

Blowing out the candles! Posted by Picasa

I don't know who has having more fun in this picture Avalee or the aunts and uncles. Posted by Picasa

Avalee got all kinds of dress up items that make her look "beautiful". Posted by Picasa

Avalee found all kinds of treasures inside of this purse. Including a cell phone that Lincoln has claimed as his. Posted by Picasa

The fun begins! Posted by Picasa

Avalee was tired of waiting to open her presents. Posted by Picasa

Avalee's Princess Cake! Posted by Picasa