Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Avalee's Discovery

Tonite I had to leave the house for a sanity breather. As Avalee was following Nathan around, he stopped to look at our DVDs. Nathan let one. Avalee looked out at him and said, "Daddy fart?". Nathan said, "Yes". Avalee then said, "Oh, I fart too."

Rain Storms!

This is for everyone who has never been in a Virginia rain storm. I have decided that I would much rather drive in a blizzard than a rain storm. In a blizzard in the west, I can follow the road marks to see and know how to handle the car when it hits a patch of ice In a rainstorm, I feel like I don't know where I am and it scares me to death when I hydroplane.

The rain also make me bitter because the kids and I get stuck in the house. If we go outside, by the time we get to the car we are soaked.

The Castle

I decided that after six months I was going to hang our pictures on the wall. While Avalee was out helping Nathan with errands, I hung up the picture of Nathan and I on the day we got married in front of the temple. She did not notice it until later that night. She got so excited and pointed and said, "Daddy, pretty princess, at the castle." I was so excited to be a pretty princess but I guess we have some work to do in teaching her it is a temple. She knows what temples are but some buildings are turning into castles, including the Lincoln Memorial.