Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad and Good Day

Bad part of day--Avalee has a cold and told me her nose hurt. I gave her some cold medicine to help Then Avalee told me that it was not a cold nose but that she had put a cow sticker up her nose. I didn’t believe her. I went to the chiropractor and she was still complaining so we made a drop-in visit to the doctor’s. Sure enough the doctor pulled out a cow sticker that was about a 1 inch square. It made me cringe to see it come out. I told the doctor I didn’t plan to come back a third day in a row. Yesterday I was at the doctor becuase of a weird knot in Avalee's leg. I found out the knot was caused by the point of the needle from her Kindergarten shots and might be there for months.

Good part of day--Lincoln decided to finally poop on the potty. I hope it last because I am tired of shampooing the carpet and cleaning out underwear.