Friday, August 15, 2008

Update on Wednesday's Excitment

So my neighbor was trafficking drugs. I have decided I know of one dealer that would come to his house. Other than that, he would leave our neighborhood to make the drop.

The sad part of this story is the wife had no idea. She was in the hospital with health problems and her little kids were at her mom's house when the bust happened. The police brought her home and she found the house in shambles. They torn everything apart looking for drugs. The neighborhood ladies helped clean today. I don't know her that well to feel like I could help sort out the house so I mowed the lawn.

Amazingly enough, our neighborhood has been very quiet and I have realized that we had many undercover cops watching us. You can only wonder what they think of us with all the ins and outs of people.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday's excitement

I was sitting here working on updating the blog after being a slacker this summer, when I hear "Police, open up!" I peak out of my window to see the neighbor's house two doors down get invaded by the SWAT team. Then the SWAT team went in and the neighbor came out of the garage and was taken down to the ground. Instantly, our neighboor was taken to the ground and 20 cops who looked like they where visiting other neighbors swarmed the house. The neighboorhood was instantly sealed off so nobody could get in or out. This happened in a matter of minutes.

I jumped up and locked all the doors and shut the curtains. I got both of the kids in the room with me so I would know where they were.

It has been almost an hour. The swat team has left and the neighbor and his friend was taken away in the car. The neighborhood is still swarming with undercover cops.

I don't know what is going on but I need to be more careful about letting my kids play in the front yard unattended.

Ward Summer Party!

We had a nice afternoon playing games at a local lake. Lincoln came in second in the under 8 wheelbarrow race. I was holding him so I didn't get a picture. I was truly amazed that he could go so fast even though his head is so big. They also had a fun adult bean bag toss that Nathan and neighbor spent most of their time playing.

Bubble blowing contest!

Lincoln waiting for his turn in the water game!

Thanksgiving Point!

While the adults went to watch "The Dark Knight", Grandma Wood and Aunt Sarah took the kids to the petting zoo and the dinosaur muesum. Avalee and Lincoln both claim this was on their top five highlights of their week in Provo.