Sunday, September 11, 2005

Lincoln whined until Nathan let him sit on the couch by Avalee and drink his sippy cup. Don't think it will be much longer before he passes her up. Posted by Picasa

As we were cleaning, Avalee found the "doggy" and insisted I put it on. She then chased Lincoln around saying "ruff, ruff" Posted by Picasa

Avalee learned about static electricity as she went down the slide. Look at that hair! Posted by Picasa

Avalee! Posted by Picasa

Lincoln climbing up the slide. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln taking a break. Posted by Picasa

Avalee and Lincoln swinging at the park. Posted by Picasa

The Frog Story according to Lincoln
Daddy caught a frog... Posted by Picasa

and he put it on the floor... Posted by Picasa

and I crawled so fast that I caught it and tried to eat it... Posted by Picasa

Mommy screamed and the frog jumped under the TV Stand and hid until Daddy got it out. Posted by Picasa

Lincoln dressed himself up for his piano concert. Posted by Picasa