Saturday, March 14, 2009

Warning to All about defrosting your car!

Yesterday I was in my house and heard this horrible scream so I looked out the window and saw my neighbor chasing her car that was going BACKWARDS. So I put Nathan's shoes on and hurried down the street as fast as I could because I had no idea what was going on.

This is what happened. My neighbor has an old car and had turned it on to defrost the windows. Her three year old put the car in reverse and locked the driver's door. The car went backwards across the street and hit a garbage can. At this point the five year old, grabbed the steering wheel and tried to put it back in gear but he ended up turning the steering wheel. So then the car hit a mail box and came back across the street. She finally got in through the back door and jumped over the seat to stop by car before it hit the house. If the five year would have not turned the steering wheel, the car would have hit a car but since he turned it the only damage was to the mailbox.

So my warning.....Never leave your car on while you are not in it and your kids are. I am thankful that newer cars have safety features so this can't happen as easy.