Saturday, October 29, 2005

On the 25 minute trip from one party to the next, Avalee insisted on holding her bag of candy. She found these two lollipops and unwrapped and licked them. She then kept saying "Christian, Roland" over and over. We just thought she was naming who she was going to see. As she went into the grandparent's house, she went and gave one lollipop to her Uncle Christian and the other to her Uncle Roland. We have been trying to teach her to give gifts to other people but I guess we need to teach her about not recycling gifts.

Halloween 2005 pictures

Frankenstein and his bride taking a break between the two Halloween parties they went to today.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Sayings of the Week!

"Holy Cow! Lincoln stinky poop!" This came out of Avalee's mouth as we drove past a truck that was letting off serious exhaust.

"Naked bum, silly Lincoln." Avalee said this as Lincoln walked down the hall after getting out of the bathtub. Nathan let him get away without a towel because it is pretty cute to watch him walk.

"Lincoln's sign langauge." Nathan tried to teach Lincoln that he was a monkey and showed Lincoln how to hit his chest like a gorilla does. Lincoln now does the signal whenever we talk about daddy or when it starts to get dark at night Lincoln will stand by the door and do the monkey sign. I guess Lincoln thinks that is the sign for daddy, even though Lincoln says "da, da" to Nathan.