Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lincoln's checkup

Lincoln is 39 pounds and 41 inches tall. He has gotten taller since last year and lost one pound so he is no longer considered overweight. Personally, I don't think he has ever been overweight. Last year his pants at least stayed up. Now they are constantly falling off!

He had the nurses laughing during the exam. Instead of a star it was a smashed bug. Three lines looked like a ladder. A teacup was a boat. The plus sign was an X. The cirle was a moon. Lincoln has a good imagination and today it came out on the eye exam.

The poor kid did have a rude awakening. Our doctor likes to give Kindergarten shots at 4. So Lincoln got five shots. He only cried a little and when it was all over he looked at the nurse and said "Ouchy, that hurt me." But when we left he told them "thank you".

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Discovery Center

The kids earned tickets to the Discovery Center from the library reading program.

Pretty cool picture. Avalee blowing huge bubbles. The kids loved the wall of bubbles.

Lincoln putting a cardboard creation in a wind tunnel.
Avalee watchin her name be spelled after the computer randomly shuffled all the letters.

Avalee's name complete.
Lincoln going up in the swing. The second time he did it. He was able to pull himself up.
Avalee and Lincoln playing being vet's. On the walls were all kinds of x-rays.

Lincoln's Birthday

I decorated this cake with a baby in one arm and four little kids helping me. It doesn't look too bad for the requested Spiderman cake.

Pin the tail on the horse. Requested by Lincoln. Made by Avalee.
The other party came was to keep the balloon from touching the floor.
Thumbs up for Lincoln's birthday.