Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Avalee and Lincoln stories!

His Grandma Brady showed him how to knock on doors. He knocks on any closed door. Tonite Avalee closed all the doors in the house and hid in the closet. Lincoln went and knocked and knocked on our bedroom door and Avalee popped out of the hall closet door. Lincoln giggled and giggled.

Lincoln only likes to sleep when Avalee is in the room with him. If she is making too much noise, he covers his head with the blanket and goes to sleep.

Lincoln has a love to climb upstairs and fall down them.

Avalee is never just hungry. Instead she looks at me with sad eyes and says, "I starvin, hungry mom." You would think that I never give her food.

During the middle of the night when Lincoln cries out, Avalee will say "Lincoln, you OK." Lincoln immediately is quite. If Lincoln wakes up too early in the morning, Avalee will say, "Lincoln, sleep." During naptime, Avalee and Lincoln will giggle and taking during yelling for hours. Sometimes naptime turns into a three or four hour ordeal, two hours worth of playing and two hours worth of sleep.

Avalee is becoming a good big sister and tries to entertain Lincoln. Tonite while we were stuck in traffic, she tried everything to make him quit crying.

!Virginia's First Snow Storm!

It is very uncommon for the state of Virginia to get snow before January. I am thrilled because it makes it feel more like Christmas.

The snow started yesterday during the kids naptime. Avalee woke up and looked out the window and said, "I need my clothes. I need three sleds. I make a snowman." So I bundle the kids up and we went outside and played for about 30 minutes. The kids had a blast.

This morning I decided to be nice and take Nathan to metro. Nathan took Lincoln out and started brushing to snow off the car. Lincoln giggled at the snow coming off the car. Avalee and I came up the stairs next and I had my hands full of lots of items that need to be put in the car and was holding Avalee's hand. When we got to the sidewalk, she let go of my hand and started to walk. Immediately she fell hard on the ice. I grabbed her hand, picked her up, and made her walk again. She was screaming about her arm and hands hurting. About 15 feet from where she fell, she stopped and yelled, "my boot". I looked down at her foot and she had one bare foot. Her boot had fallen off and I hadn't even realized it because I had so much stuff in my hands. I went back and got her boot and got it on her foot and got her in the car. She cried for a while but when we got to the Metro she told Nathan, "Watch out snow. No get hurt."

She will no longer wear her snow boots because they are "too slick!" This could be a long winter.