Sunday, March 13, 2005

Avalee's Lecture

Avalee decided this weekend that she no longer wanted to wear a diaper. This was bad timing as Nathan and I were stretched thin trying to take care of both kids, Grandma Wood, and the boys. Friday night Avalee took her diaper off and peed all over the bed. She woke up and cried "Daddy, daddy" for a long time so Nathan went to check on her (I was sleeping at the house with Grandma Wood). Needless to say, she was cold from sleeping in pee. Nathan changed her and the bed. He then gave her a lecture about leaving her diaper on and using the potty if she was not going to leave her diaper on.

Sunday night Christian, Avalee, and I were in the car heading to get Barry from the airport. Christian and I heard Avalee say to her baby that she was playing with, "wet, stinky, no baby, poop, potty". Christian and I laughed so hard. I guess Nathan's lecture during the middle of the night made an impression on her. Now if we can only get her potty trained.