Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Avalee's first snow experience. I think she thought it was sand, but she soon learned that it was cold and wet. Posted by Hello

Two happy kids and a happy dad...yeah! Posted by Hello

Avalee, Carter, and Lincoln on Christmas Day. The boys slept while Avalee had all the fun. She wrote all over herself with her new washable markers. Posted by Hello

Lincoln and Carter wrapped up together. Posted by Hello

Avalee blowing out her candles at her first birthday party. She did it all by herself after Aunt Lisa showed her how. Posted by Hello

After having opening this present, Avalee did not want to open anymore. The phone talked and sang to her and she was happy. Posted by Hello

Avalee and cousin Andy putting sprinkles on the dipped pretzels. Posted by Hello

Great-grandpa and Great-grandma Hall holding Lincoln!  Posted by Hello