Sunday, November 23, 2008

$30 of food and $1.37 a gallon for gas

I have been trying to be the thrifty shopper and grab hold of all the deals. This week I spent $30 at Albertson's and got this and none of it is generic. Everything was on sale or had a coupon except for the two bags of white chocolate chips which are to put in the cookies I am making this week and freezing for all the December events.

On the bottom of the reciept I saw, you have earned $.15 off you next purchase of gas. My tank in the van was empty so I decided to fill up at Albertson's instead of Costco. At the pump, I was told I had accumulated a discount of $.60 off a gallon. So I filled my tank at $1.37 a gallon. I paid $22 for a tank of case for my van! I am not a frequent Albertson's shopper so somehow my bargain shopping is not only paying off on food but also for gas.

This is a pictures of the kids practicing for winter. We saw snow come out of the sky on Saturday but it melted when it touched the ground.

15 men

On Friday, we moved out all of the furniture in our downstairs and moved in tables and chairs. The kids and I went to dinner, a movie, and then bed. Fifteen men brought their computers over and gamed from 7 p.m. until 4 a.m.

These are pictures of the aftermath.

Turkey Hats

When I was working, I promised the kids a craft everyday at 5:30. So one day they made a turkey hat. They did a good job.