Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This weekend we got our downstairs flooring done. This was made possible by an awesome coupon at Costco and good friends and a grandma. We could not have done it without them!

This is where the fridge and stove sat on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Avalee was so excited to come down the stairs on Tuesday morning and see her life was back to normal.

The floor went really fast until you got to the edge. I think this picture shows them looking at a vent.
At one point, we had 12 neighborhood kids building structures out of the flooring boxes. It entertained them for at least three hours and then it got dark so they had to go home. Lincoln is in the kid in the back.

Here is the finished projected without the baseboards. The baseboards will be done this weekend. Lincoln is doing a trick for the picture.
Now I am off to the upstairs. I am not motivation to do the upstairs because I have a sinus infection but the carpet people will be here on Friday. The good news is I have the feeling back in my hands and they are no longer swollen. I actually got my wedding ring on yesterday.