Sunday, November 04, 2012

Random Pictures

Found these on my camera!  I know the blocks are from Lincoln hiding in his room so Riggins' wouldn't wreck his tower.  Clueless about the other pictures!

Riggins' Hair

After a nap!
 Early in the morning!
Riggin's hair is LONG!  Until this weekend, Nathan has not allowed me to cut it.  I have started giving him a funny looking front ponytail to keep his hair out of his eyes.  On Saturday, the kids and the neighbor had some fun with his hair and added lots more pony tails.  We kept his hair like this all weekend.  I think it has matched his personality as he is angry due to teeth, a cold, and not breathing.  It has been horrible listening to him yell at us all weekend but the pony tails have helped make me smile a couple of times.

Lincoln's Birthday, Baptism, and Cub Scouts

 Lincoln's cake!
 Lincoln's awesome smile!  This picture was actually taken in the dark because the candles put on a "colored light show".
 Nathan and Lincoln before the baptism.
 The baptism boys checking out Grandma's costume box.  Then the old lady battled a clown.
Lincoln is doing awesome in cub scouts and already has his Bobcat.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Avalee's Birthday Party

Yes, it was a long time ago but look at these fun pictures. The girls pampered themselves and enjoyed eating fruit.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Six Months Old

Rambling thoughts on Riggins.....

Riggins has hit the six month mark. He weighs 20 pounds and is 27.4 inches long. Very impressive for a boy that was born four weeks early.

The doctor has still nicknamed him trouble but has referred us to many place for all his minor problems (asthma, acid reflux, etc). Hopefully, they can figure it all out.

Riggins is still not sleeping through the night but we also can't let him cry it out until they make sure he is breathing and not choking on his spit up.

He currently enjoys rolling. He rolls very fast but will only roll left so he gets pretty angry when he hits the walls. He has learned that he has to roll his big head carefully or it hurts. He even does good downstairs on the hardwood floors.

He enjoys people and will smile at anyone that will smile at him. You could say he seems to know how to "turn it on" so people call him things like "adorable" and "cute".

He is not shy and will let anyone hold him. This is good because last week when he was on steriods and would not let us sit down he got passed around a lot. We were thankful for good friends that were willing to hold him. We were also thankful that we could afford gas to drive all over the area around us so Riggins would sleep.

He wants to be big like his sibling but can't seem to figure out how to keep up with them. He gives Avalee a nice smile every day when she comes home from school. The day he didn't smile at her we took him to the doctor to find out he had bronchitis.

Even though he needs to learn to walk because he is SO heavy, we love having him in our home.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

East Coast habbits die hard!

There is news of a big snow storm heading our way. Although I never believe our weather man, I always take it seriously. In the east coast, I would look at bread, milk, and toilet paper, and make sure I had plenty. You would go to the store and the shelves would be mostly bare of these items and would probably not refill themselves for days after the storm. So I did my checklist today.

Toilet paper-Check (probably enough for three months)
Milk-Running low

So I head to the store and what do I find, lots of milk. Then I remember that I do not need to stress over these things were I live. So funny that my old habits are still in place.

If this storm is anything like they are predicting, pictures will come soon.