Wednesday, August 19, 2009


When the bishop canceled our church meetings on Wednesday night, we head to Wahooz for there cheap night. Attractions are only $2 instead of the outrageous $6 or $7. We had been promising this to our kids all summer but didn't find the time until the first day of school.

Lincoln making a good effort to get a goal.

Avalee won but Lincoln made a couple of goals.

Lincoln going for a ride with Spiderman.

Avalee is very good at the spider game.

Avalee was a very good minature golfer.

Lincoln not so much. We really tried to help him but he didn't get it. I was crying at one point I was laughing so hard.

Showing off their golf balls and clubs.

Riding the go-carts. So much fun.

Lincoln and I after the bumper boats. I got really wet but it felt nice because it was a hot night.

This is the end of our summer fun!