Monday, September 15, 2008

Indian Creek Festival

The Indian Creek Festival is done every year in Caldwell. They shut down part of the streets in old town Caldwell and have food, music, and fun events.

Cardboard Kayak races. The kayak had to be made of cardboard, duct tape, and paint. This kayak tipped over so if you look carefully you can see how they try to put them together.

Lincoln's mask he made at the kid's art tent.
Avalee carefully making her mask with the help of a volunteer.
Avalee and Lincoln after they got their face painted.
Avalee got a butterfly on one cheek and a flower on the other.
Lincoln's rocketship. He would not hold still so the painter struggled but still did a pretty good job.

Happenings at our house

Avalee's first day riding the bus. Her favorite part of school is riding the bus and PE. 40 quarts of peaches done with the neighbor. Yes, we process them outside so the house doesn't get hot.
Lincoln's first day of preschool. He is doing very well. The teacher said the only thing he needs to work on his using scissors.
Avalee's cute outfit from her grandma.
Lincoln was told he had to take a nap or we would not get to go to family date night. He normally falls asleep in his bed but we found him a sleep in the hall. For family date night, we went to Winger's. The kids had a great time!