Saturday, February 11, 2006

Time Out!

The last two days have been full of whining kids and colds. Avalee has a horrible cold and just wants to be held. Of course, this makes Lincoln want to be held also. Today they whined and cried at each other and Avalee was not content in any situation. Nathan decided that it would be best to seperate them so he took Lincoln to visit a friend. This was a very good decision as it allowed Avalee to calm down.

Nathan told Avalee that he was taking Lincoln to "time out" in the car. As Nathan and Lincoln left, Nathan took the garbage with him to the community trash compactor. After a while, Avalee said, "Lincoln went in time out in the garbage. Oh no, we won't be able to find him." I laughed and explained that Nathan had not put Lincoln in the garbage.

Even after Lincoln had made Avalee cry numerous times during the day, she still loves him and worries about him.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Swiper, No Swiping!

Avalee loves Dora the Explorer. We recently rented a Dora the Explorer movie. In each episode, a fox named Swiper tries to take something from Dora. Dora has everyone say, "Swiper, No Swiping! Swiper, No Swiping!"

Now when Lincoln tries to take something from Avalee or mess up her toys, Avalee says, "Swiper, No Swiping!" Avalee gets so frustrated with Lincoln because she will set up a tea party or other types of toys just perfect then Lincoln comes along and moves everything.