Sunday, December 12, 2004

Avalee's "Uh-o"

Sunday morning was a little crazy. Nathan was sick and decided to stay home and keep Lincoln with him. I took Avalee to church. I got her dressed in her Christmas dress, a onesie, and tights. Avalee knew she was cute. We got to church and was enjoying the christmas music from the choir when I hear "uh-o mommy". I looked over and could see the bench was wet. I figured that her sippy cup had leaked but soon realized it was still in the diaper bag. Avalee grabbed her crouch and I realized that she had peed on the bench.

Sometime between the time I got her dressed and the time we left for church Avalee had taken her diaper off. Remember she had tights and a onesie on. I guess it is time to potty train.